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Table of Contents

  1. How do I Join?
  2. What does a novice need to know?
  3. Who are the Arkansas Good Sam Officers?
  4. What is a Samboree?
  5. What is 'Early Bird Parking'?
  6. How can I get more information?
  7. Who is the female Good Sam icon?

How do I join ?

Each Chapter has its own individual membership requirements but one that is universal is membership in the Good Sam. Club. If you are not a member of Good Sam, please click here or on any Good Sam icon on this website to join.

All chapters have a guest program that entitles you to camp with the chapter on one of their outings for about three times without being a member. This serves two purposes; 1. To let you experience the chapter and its members and 2. To let the chapter members experience you! If you decide that you want to join the chapter, you will fill out a chapter application and the chapter will take a vote on your membership.

As chapter members may be from different parts of the state, simply looking at the Chapters page on this website and the address's of their President's, may be misleading. First look at the name of the chapter, it may indicate the main area of service. If you are still unsure, call one of the chapter President's closest to you and ask them. They will be glad to help you find a chapter that will fit your needs.

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What does a novice need to know ?

Hopefully all of your questions are available on this page or have directed you to a source of information. If not, please feel free to contact any Officer, Chapter President, Member or this websites Webmaster for  more help.

If you are contemplating RV'ing or just starting out RV'ing, then by all means contact one or more of the above for help, information and tips.

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Who are the Arkansas Good Sam Officers ?

Arkansas State Officers page

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What is a Samboree ?

A Samboree is a statewide campout open to all Good Sam members. Arkansas has a spring and a fall Samboree. Information as to registration is available from the home page of this website. Thinking about taking a cross country trip? How about visiting a Samboree in another state? As a Good Sam Club member you can! You might even be able to caravan with other club and/or chapter members.

The state staff and the host chapter run and organize each Samboree and you could be camping out with over 400 Good Sam members from not only Arkansas, but from all over the country! There are games, entertainment, door prizes, arts and crafts, seminars on topics ranging from quilting to computers. RV and Good Sam paraphernalia vendors are on site with all of the latest, hard to find and I never knew anyone made anything like that!; items. We guarentee that you will not get bored!!

In short, Samborees are great fun and a great place to meet other folks that share your interest in RV'ing and camping.

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What does 'Early Bird Parking' mean?

The official Samboree days are usually Wednesday thru Sunday, the costs for parking are included in your registration fee. A lot of folks like to show up early for a number of reasons and to accommodate them, Early Bird parking was instituted. The fee $11.00 a day. There are a number of hospitality games and activities scheduled during these days. You will find that the majority of attendees show up early especially for the Early Bird functions! It is a great time to meet new friends, renew acquaintances and just plain ole hang out with fellow RV'rs from across the country.

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Who is the female Good Sam icon ?

That is Samantha! Good Sam's better half.
All Good Sam memberships are shared by the members spouse.
All Good Sam officer positions are also shared by the spouse.
Be it a male or female member or officer, we all know who is in the background sharing the load
(and holding down the black tank drain hose at the dump station).

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How can I get more information ?

Arkansas State Director:
Bill & Dee Nery
email Bill & Dee


Arkansas State Webmaster:
Ronnie & Sue Mooney
Questions, email Ronnie

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